Welcome to MotorBikeFab.com

I like to build rolling machines. I post stuff I like and make. Maybe you find similar projects interesting. Tell me what floats your boat. Cheers and enjoy!

MotorBikeFab.com builds custom motorbikes using 4 stroke engines (79cc & 212cc) and mid-drive electric motor (BBSHD, TSDZ2, and CYC) systems.

79cc Dyno Predator in progress:

212cc Felt Bixby Predator in progress:

MotorBikeFab.com’s preferred electric motor system is the powerful and reliable BBSHD motor system and 52V batteries. The BBSHD motor system will fit on most bikes made today and many older bikes. Because MotorBikeFab.com only builds electric bikes that have disc brakes it’s far less expensive if your donor bike has disc brakes. MotorBikeFab.com has used the Specialized Hard Rock and Rockhopper as donor bikes and this type of bike is a great platform for an electric drive system.

MotorBikeFab.com’s preferred bicycle for the 212cc Predator engine is the Felt Bixby cruiser bike and other cruisers built by Felt in the last 10 or so years. The Bixby’s and other Felt cruiser bikes are sturdy and a great platform for the powerful 212cc Predator engine. MotorBikeFab.com also builds 79cc Predators using the GT Dyno frame. Of course we can build 212cc Predator based bikes using other suitable frames. All our builds have suspension forks and disc brakes front and rear, which sometimes means that we build custom wheels using upgraded hubs, spokes, and rims.

Click the links above to see what we are building today.

We have a Dyno Deuce electric bike for sale. BBSHD mid-drive & 52V – 13Ah lithium battery.

We have a Cortina electric bike for sale. BBSHD mid-drive & 52V – 17Ah lithium battery.