EASY governor removal for the 79cc, 99cc, and 212cc Harbor Freight Predator engines:


Remove all the exterior governor parts that you do not need (if you are keeping the original carb or something similar – you may not want to do this) (*if you are taking out the governor lever shaft REMEMBER to take out the small steel washer)
Remove the flywheel (also not hard with a large screwdriver or pry bar. Remember to put the crankshaft nut on the shaft before hitting with a hammer. Having a friend hold the prybar and case is helpful.)
Remove the side case (being mindful of the side case gasket)
Drive out the governor pin from the outside of the case (the shaft that holds the governor plastic gear). (*Carefully remove the governor gear AND the small steel washer
Plug the hole with a self-tapping 1/4-20 screw – use blue or red loctite.


I have removed the governor from two 79cc engines by beating on the little ring holding the gear to the shaft. Ugly job hammering on my precious Predator. I also used a 1/4-20 tap to thread for a 1/4-20 bolt to plug the holes.

Arrows show the location of the bosses with the 1/4-20 self-tapping screws.

*Remember to take out the small steel washers. One on the governor lever shaft and the other behind the plastic governor gear.

I recently read about the driving out the pin and using the self-tapping screw method and once I tried it I was sold. Easy, quick, and painless.